How to get an RSS feed of WooCommerce products without installing any plugin

If you got here, you are surely looking for a way to get an RSS feed for the products of a WooCommerce store. You are in the right place.

We had to use it recently for the FundasBaratas.Online newsletter, which works with a RSS feed to generate content with news about the products that are uploaded to the website (it is an affiliate store about covers) and in this post we tell you all the details.

It should be noted that to apply this system you don’t need to install any type of plugin, free or paid, and that both WordPress and WooCommerce natively provide us with this very useful RSS feed. This is also an advantage, because there are payment plugins to do the same that today you will learn to do totally free and in less than 1 minute. Do you want to know how? Continue reading!

How is it done?

You probably already know that if you go to yoursite/feed (change “yoursite” to the URL of your website) you will have an RSS feed of WordPress entries. There are different parameters that can be passed to this feed to give us certain information. For example, in a certain section of we have filtered the entries of several blogs through the RSS feed of a specific author to display them all as a HUB in the same place. We will not go into that in this article, but you can see there how it is implanted.

When we want to get the product feed we do something similar, but logically with another parameter. Just go to yoursite/feed/?post_type=product and you already have the RSS feed you were looking for. There, as easy as that.

We hope you found this information useful, if so, leave us a comment telling us if it worked for you, and share this post on your social networks so that it also helps more people. See you soon!