Monthly Website Maintenance

From: 29,90  / month


A website requires attention and pampering so that it always continues to look good, and remains free of problems. Your company is evolving and the information, texts, images … must be updated.

In addition, to preserve the security and integrity of the web, it is necessary to periodically update the components (plugins, theme, scripts…) that are part of the website.

We can do this for you with all the necessary technical rigor, through our monthly maintenance service, which includes:

• Updates of the platform and modules.
• Simple changes, retouching of texts on the web and image changes.
• Publication of content provided by the client (or budgeted separately)
• Resolution of bugs or problems on the web.
• Support in the management of the platform, at the editor level.
The pack of hours is a monthly subscription, and the hours can’t be accumulated. That is, if the contracted hours are not consumed in the month, they expire.
Simple design changes are included if they can be made within the stipulated hours.


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